Video: Star Trek Online Gameplay & Customization

If you're a Star Trek fan or a gamer looking to tryout Cryptic Studios' next MMORPG, then this new video of executive producer Craig Zinkievich speaking about the story and gameplay elements of Star Trek Online is definitely for you.

One notable topic that is discussed in the video is that you can invite other players onto your bridge, meaning there can be more than just yourself on a ship at once, answering one of my questions. However, what is described is very limited and it seems you cannot really play the game, conduct quests or space combat while this is going on, which defeats the purpose for me. In my mind, you should be able to have friends or guild mates travel within your vessel, socialize in the lounge, play mini-games in the holodeck and work together on the bridge in a dual with an enemy ship.

Maybe that's something we could see down the road?

Zinkievich also talks about some of the cool customization features that player will be able to take advantage of in making their ship their own. According to the video, users can customize parts and styles of your starship (like the warp nacelles and saucer sections), including the interior bridge design, and they can even choose the texture/materials of the ship exterior.

I'm curious to see how much variety there is in this aspect of the game and whether or not players can truely create their own unique starship.

What do you think of this video?

Star Trek Online will be available February 2, 2010 in North America and February 5, 2010 in Europe. If you want to know if you can play it, check out the STO system requirements.

Source: Associated Press (via Yahoo)

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