Star Trek Online Already Dying?

It's no doubt that World Of Warcraft is the reigning king of MMOs. Even so, countless games have attempted to fight for their due in an attempt to make a name for themselves in the industry alongside Blizzard's giant. Star Trek Online is one of those games. While there was a large amount of hype surrounding its release, claiming that the legions of dedicated  Trekkies would allow for this game to stay afloat in such a competitive market, it seems as if the decline may have already begun.

Not only have Atari and Cryptic Studios launched a free demo for this new MMO, but they're already beginning to implement a rewards program for players who continue to play the game, a referral program, and are inviting back players who have let their subscriptions run out.

While this would be normal for an MMO that has been on the market for a few years, it's not a good sign to be seeing this three months into a game's lifespan. While I doubt the lure of free items for returning to the game may seem like a novel idea later in a game's life, this early, it just seems like a cry for help. If people are leaving so quickly, I have a feeling that a few in-game items won't be enough to bring these subscribers back. They can only hope that maybe they'll be able to draw in new customers with these promos, but at this rate, odds are, any new subscribers will just end up like the many subscribers who have given up on the game in the past few months.

Have you played Star Trek Online yet? Do you plan on giving it a chance, or is their dying plea for subscribers keeping you away?

Source: Kotaku

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