Star Trek's USS Enterprise Recreated Using 'Minecraft'

Minecraft Enterprise - Space Photoshop

Just in time for the arrival of the final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, we have a very cool Minecraft creation for all those trekkies out there. Like many of the Minecraft recreations we have featured before (BioShock Infinite, Game of Thrones, Mega Man just to name a few) this Star Trek one is a stunning piece of work.

As some might have guessed (if they haven't already flipped through the images above) Minecraft usersZinnsee has recreated the USS Enterprise-D in incredible detail. Zinnsee used Mojang's tools not just to design the outside of the Enterprise, but many of the iconic interiors featured prominently in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Zinnsee even designed a Minecraft version of Worf in his mustard yellow uniform. Captain Picard, however, is nowhere to be found…yet.

To see the full Enterprise design make sure to head here, where Zinnsee explains how he brought the ship to life. There are some 50 images in total, complete with reference images from the Star Trek TV show for comparison.

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What's most impressive about this design is that the player created the ship in Survival Mode, meaning his USS Enterprise was vulnerable to enemies and other players. The amount of time and effort that went into recreating the ship alone was probably a lesson in true patience, but having to contend with other variables makes this recreation all the more impressive.

Once Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters this May, trekkies and skilled Minecraftsman will have two movies to pour over in order to recreate JJ Abrams' version of the Enterprise. I wonder how many torches it would take to duplicate the lens flares?

What do you think of this USS Enterprise recreated using Minecraft? What other legendary space ships would you like to see Minecraft players create?


Source: Imgur, Reddit

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