Ubisoft plans to help gamers explore the final frontier in the world of VR with Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The virtual reality game is set to be officially revealed at E3.

There have been a lot of rumors that E3 2016 would put a focus on virtual reality hardware like new console upgrades, but the EA Play presentation didn’t make any mention of the technology. Although Electronic Arts might not be investing in the VR future, Ubisoft has already confirmed that VR will play a part in its E3 presentation Monday evening.

Ubisoft takes the stage at E3 Monday at 4pm ET and the company will likely have some exciting Assassin’s Creed and Division news to share with AAA gamers. In addition to the blockbuster titles, Ubisoft has already confirmed that it will take some time to reveal a new virtual reality experience set in the world of Star Trek.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew takes place in the world J.J. Abrams’ rebooted Star Trek universe and players have the chance to join the crew of the Aegis starship as the captain, or either a tactical, engineering, or helm officer. The game is being developed by Ubisoft-owned Red Storm Entertainment.

Here’s what we know so far thanks to creative director David Votypka…

“It’s up to you if you want to try the Kirk approach or be more methodical… The game is more about how you and your crew approach situations. It’s not binary. Is it more important to save the Vulcan scientists or rescue everyone on the planet? It might be too difficult to do both. It’s just like the show. There’s not any one right answer.”


According to the interview, players will be able to activate the warp drive, scan objects in space, and display important information onto a “viewscreen” within the game all while in the VR environment. It’s a little unclear how the co-op VR experience will play out, but hopefully a stage demo tomorrow clears things up.

Skeptical VR gamers are likely most interested in whether or not Bridge Crew plays like a real VR game or just another VR tech demo. Despite the powerful technology, many VR games so far have very limited playtimes and don’t exactly qualify as retail game experiences. Hopefully Star Trek provides at least a few hours of story-mode.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will launch this fall for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Source: Associated Press