'Star Fox' Coming to Wii U Before 'Legend of Zelda'

Star Fox Wii U

Eight long years have come and gone since the last original game in the Star Fox series arrived on the Nintendo DS in 2006 and fans of the sci-fi action adventure game have been eagerly awaiting another chance to climb into a cockpit since then. It was a surprise to most Nintendo fans that the popular franchise didn't return to consoles during the Wii's lifespan, but it seems like the wait will soon be over.

The first footage from the currently untitled Star Fox Wii U leaked a few hours before Nintendo's E3 2014 presentation earlier this year and revealed a new-gen version of the game that introduces the classic characters to the Gamepad and motion controls of the Wii U. We haven't seen any other assets since the reveal, but last night at The Game Awards in Las Vegas Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto made a digital appearance to drop a few tidbits about the upcoming Star Fox adventures...

During his video presentation, Miyamoto confirmed a 2015 release for Star Fox Wii U. He went on to explain that the game will arrive ahead of the upcoming Zelda title, which is also aiming for a 2015 launch.

"Star Fox will arrive before the Legend of Zelda (on Wii U) next year."

Star Fox Wii U Leaked

The Nintendo presentation mostly focused on the first reveal of The Legend of Zelda's new gameplay, but Miyamoto did take a few moments to talk about the development of Star Fox. In typical Nintendo fashion, most of the Star Fox talk focused on the Gamepad and the project's use of motion controls for a unique gaming experience...

"The way it uses the Gamepad is really starting to feel good..."

From what we've seen in the footage from earlier this year, it seems like players will control the ships using the Gamepad analog stick and control weapons using motion controls. We assume there will be a setting to switch to manual controls for players who prefer the accuracy of traditional controls, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Another use of the motion controls in Star Fox will come into play in the game's two player co-op mode. Team members will be able to pilot a special two player vehicle together and one player will steer, while the other swoops to the ground to attack enemies and pick up items.

Although there is no official release date yet, the Wii U is poised to have a very big 2015. The arrival of Star Fox and Legend of Zelda will deliver two properties that many fans have been longing for since the Wii U launched two years ago. The console has seen some unfortunate software delays in the past, but Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma reassured fans that he is confident the game won't be delayed to 2016.

Do you think that the arrival of Star Fox and Legend of Zelda will will breath new life into the Wii U or is it too little, too late for the console? Let us know in the comments.


Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda are set to arrive on the Nintendo Wii U in 2015.

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