'Star Fox Wii U' Will Be Playable At E3 2015

Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto's been busy on the webseries circuit lately: following a stop at iJustine last month, the legendary developer recently sat down with the Smosh Games crew for a couple of rounds of Mario Kart 8, as well as an extended question and answer session.

Many of Miyamoto's answers simply reiterate information that Nintendo has already released, although he offers a few fresh tidbits to appease eager fans. It doesn't sound like a new F-Zero game is coming to the Wii U any time soon, given that Nintendo's EAD studio is busy with other projects; if Miyamoto could be any non-human character he's created, he'd be Yoshi; and last, but not least - Star Fox Wii U will be playable by "everyone" at E3 2015.

For Star Fox fans, that's exciting news. While Miyamoto confirmed that Star Fox Wii U would come out before 2015's Zelda title, the fact that the game will be in a polished, playable state by June indicates that the game's development is proceeding smoothly.

Miyamoto also took a few minutes to talk about Star Fox's dual-screen gameplay. As previously described, Star Fox Wii U splits gameplay between the television and the Wii U gamepad, with the bigger screen presenting a cinematic view of the action, and the gamepad offering a view from inside Fox McCloud's cockpit. Miyamoto explains that the two-screen approach was invented as a means of including cut-scenes in the game without interrupting the action. It's also an optional feature, so players who want a more traditional Star Fox experience can turn the dual-screen functions off completely.

A press-only demo at E3 2014 also revealed that Star Fox Wii U will include transforming vehicles, and will combine tilt and analog controls to create a new, "innovative" control scheme. It's not the first time that Star Fox has gotten motion controls - Star Fox 64 3D offered a gyroscope-based steering method - although the Star Fox Wii U control scheme sounds like it's something completely different, and potentially confusing. Hopefully, the E3 demo this June will answer a lot of questions.

It's been a long time since Nintendo released a new Star Fox title (the Nintendo DS' Star Fox Command, the last original entry in the series, came out in 2006), and even longer since a Star Fox game felt truly innovative. The original Star Fox brought polygon-based 3D to 16-bit consoles, while Star Fox 64 shipped with the RumblePak, a device that brought the now-ubiquitous "rumble" technology to console controllers for the first time.

Hopefully, Star Fox Wii U will live up to the franchise's legacy. Fans have waited long enough; it's time for Star Fox to soar once again.

Source: Smosh Games

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