Star Fox Dev Wants to Return to Series to Make Switch or 3DS Game

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Star Fox has remained a classic gaming franchise since its Super NES and Nintendo 64 days back in the mid and late '90s. Earlier this week, one of the series' former developers apparently felt that pull of nostalgia. Dylan Cuthbert, founder of the Kyoto-based publisher Q-Games and developer of the unreleased title Star Fox 2, revealed that he has a great deal of ideas for future Star Fox games, and is reportedly eyeing a pair of modern systems to debut new titles on.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Cuthbert discussed the past, present, and possible future of the beloved franchise. The most notable bit of information Cuthbert divulged was, of course, his desire to bring his thoughts to life and begin crafting a new Star Fox game for two of Nintendo's hottest handheld consoles: the Switch and the 3DS

One user asked Cuthbert if he was "working on a Star Fox 64 remake for the Nintendo Switch," and mentioned that they "loved the remake on 3DS." Cuthbert responded that though he and Q-Games aren't currently involved with a Switch version of Star Fox 64, he has quite a few concepts he's eager to work out with the base game. "Unfortunately no, we aren't working on anything for Switch right now," explained Cuthbert, "but I have some ideas for original titles. I just need to find a publisher crazy enough!"

Another inquiry was brought up regarding Star Fox and the Switch. When asked if fans could receive the game for the Nintendo console, Cuthbert responded in a similar fashion, mentioning that Q-Games has no involvement, but he wishes it did. "The idea is very cool... I'm sure Nintendo must be thinking about Star Fox for Switch but we aren't involved in that," he stated. "I must admit it would be fun to do, though."

Though another individual asked Cuthbert what he would do if Nintendo ever did approach him about developing a Star Fox game for the Switch, he, unfortunately, didn't respond.

A handful of additional fans asked various versions of the same question: Will Cuthbert and Q-Games team up with Nintendo, return to the Star Fox series, and craft a brand-new title for the Switch or 3DS? Appropriately, Cuthbert responded to the inquiries with more or less the same answer each time, stating "I would love to and I have a few quite original ideas to try out for that style of gaming, but we aren't developing anything yet."

Cuthbert wrapped up his apparent enthusiasm and eagerness about his Star Fox ideas and the potential for a Nintendo Switch or 3DS-exclusive title when a user asked him if he would be excited at the chance to work with the gaming giant again. He replied, "Who wouldn't?"

But what exactly are Cuthbert's ideas? What could fans expect to see if such a collaboration actually took place. Cuthbert dished the details on what the next Star Fox title would look and feel like:

"It would have to be epic, the game is always best when it takes on and copies the big classic scenes in science fiction movies such as Independence Day and Star Wars. But at the same time I would want to work on the controls and gaming loops surrounding the player's actions, and arguably this is what I added to the original Star Fox too, with the hit-flashes and rings and direction-flickable barriers, that's the stuff that is really good fun."

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Cuthbert's AMA session comes a few months after a Q&A game designer Shigeru Miyamoto held with journalist Katie Lindendoll, in which Miyamoto hinted at future Star Fox games. He mentioned that he wishes Fox was "a bit more popular than he is," and will have to put "more energy" into the stars of Star Fox moving forward. Many have speculated that this is a clear tease at upcoming Star Fox titles.

Given that last year saw the release of the generally well-received Star Fox Zero, and with Cuthbert's enthusiasm and the Nintendo Switch's sales maintaining a respectable high, perhaps a collaboration between the old-school of the long-running series and the new-school of a reboot and a fresh console is just what the franchise (and gaming fans) needs.

Source: Reddit - Nintendo

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