Fan-Made Star Fox: The Animated Series Looks Amazing

By | 1 year ago 

Time and time again, gamers seem to be cranking out some of the coolest content for fellow fans and players. This time around an animated take on Nintendo’s Star Fox series is up to bat, and with it comes something that recent and longtime followers alike are sure to enjoy. While based on a kid-friendly property, however, this take on Fox McCloud and his space-fairing gang of fellow bipedal animals is much more serious.

Headed by animator Matthew Gafford, the intro for the forthcoming and fan-made series is certainly enough to make Star Fox aficionados anxious to see how well the final product turns out. That said, the distinct animated style of this cartoon shines a very different kind of light on the franchise, and the music that accompanies it only contributes to the product’s intended atmosphere.

While only the intro has been released thus far, Star Fox: The Animated Series is well underway and will eventually reach its intended release, according to the text written in the YouTube video’s description box. Though that’s sure to be disappointing for some gamers hungry for more now, it should be noted that the bulk of the work is currently being handled solely by the ambitious Gafford.

“Episode one is chugging right along. The voice and music have been completed and mixed, and I’m working solo right now to finish the animation for it as fast as I can.”

The project is currently being funded via Patreon, with the series currently pulling in $1,318 USD a month as of this writing. The next goal for Gafford is $2,500 USD a month, which would allow him to bring on other animators to speed up the animation process and ensure that future episodes are released in a timely manner.

Star Fox Animated Series Fox

As many will point out, there’s no better time than the present to start working on a fan-funded, animated series for Star Fox given that the next major installment in the video game series is set to arrive on Wii U later this year. Aptly titled Star Fox Zero, the new game is based heavily on the Nintendo 64 installment of the franchise, acting as a sort of reboot for the existing mythos and offering traditional gameplay, based our hands-on time with it.

It’ll be interesting to see how the narrative pans out once the first episode of the unofficial show arrives, but there are some very serious Cowboy Bebop vibes that can be picked up from the music – although the setting is sure to contribute a lot to that as well. Still, only time will tell if the intro was worth getting excited about.

What did you think of the Star Fox: The Animated Series intro? Are you looking forward to seeing the first episode? Get at us in the comments.

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