After more than two decades, Star Fox 2 will finally be released to the public, and the team who worked on the title couldn’t be happier. The celebration was 22 years in the making, and the members of the Argonaut and Nintendo teams who developed the game wasted no time toasting the news that the project would make a return.

Dylan Cuthbert, a member of the Star Fox 2 team and a former Argonaut Software dev who is now heading Q-Games, documented the gathering through several pictures posted to Twitter yesterday. The photos showcase key staff who are elated that their hard work will finally see the light of day. The festivities were enjoyed by designer Takaya Imamura, as well as Kazushi Maeta and Jordan Amaro, both of whom worked as designers on various Star Fox and Nintendo projects. Also present was veteran designer Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro.

The news that Star Fox 2 would be officially playable by anyone investing in an SNES Classic Edition was a surprise to the gaming community. Interestingly enough, it was also surprising to the development team and Cuthbert himself, who wrote in a tweet, “I’m still kind of in a reality distortion field — Star Fox 2 is really coming out?”

The title’s existence has been well-known within the gaming community for ages, but few have ever actually played it. While ROMs of the game have been floating around the Internet for some time, Star Fox 2 has never seen an official release before. Many thought it impossible, but probably none more than the development team itself. The announcement of the SNES Classic Edition and its release date changed all of that. Among the many excellent titles coming to the retro device, Star Fox 2 was the definite standout.

The SNES Classic will see a stateside release on September 29, for anyone looking to snag one. Unfortunately, its already echoing the NES Classic kerfuffle last year, where stock was severely limited. This resulted in some pretty disgruntled Nintendo fans. Although Nintendo has promised “significantly more units” this time around, most outlets are already sold out, and scalpers on eBay have started jacking up the price for desperate fans. So, while Star Fox 2 has finally come to a console, currently it’s nigh impossible to play it.

Star Fox 2 will launch on September 29 exclusively as part of the SNES Classic, which bundles 21 of the SNES’ best games into one miniaturized standalone console.

Source: dylancuthbert – Twitter