Star Citizen Backers are Receiving Full Pledge Refunds

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Star Citizen has the potential to be one of the biggest video game releases of all time. Cloud Imperium Games has raised around $87 million dollars to fund the game at this point, and it seems that the result will be an experience quite unlike any other.

The title isn’t just about navigating space in one of the countless ships on offer. As well as the open-ended structure of the main game, there’s a bevy of multiplayer options, a full campaign mode entitled Squadron 42 and the much-anticipated FPS module Star Marine. However, refunds are once again causing trouble behind the scenes.

The breadth of content is one of the most appealing aspects of Star Citizen, but it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s almost three years since the Kickstarter for the game launched, and there are still some serious questions as to whether it will meet its anticipated launch date of 2016.

As a result, a section of backers have decided that they want a refund for the money they’ve put down on the game. However, this isn’t even as straightforward as the furore surrounding Steam refunds that arose several weeks ago, as that money is key to the game’s development.

The prospects of the game could change for the worse if a sizeable number of backers decide that they want a refund. If too much money is withdrawn from the Cloud Imperium coffers, then there won’t be any funds to make sure that Star Citizen is completed.

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The developers aren’t legally obliged to return any money — this is stipulated quite clearly in the terms and conditions laid out for backers. However, it’s being reported by Polygon that Cloud Imperium is honouring the requests of many customers who are looking for refunds.

It’s easy to see why someone who came on board by backing the project back in 2012 would be dissatisfied with their investment. Four years before the finished product arrives is lengthy for any crowdfunding campaign — but this is no ordinary situation. In fact, Star Citizen remains the highest funded crowdfunding project of all time, even beating out the Pebble smartwatch.

Making a game with this sort of scope takes a lot of time, and despite Cloud Imperium’s best efforts to placate backers by circulating pre-release builds of the game, there are plenty who aren’t satisfied with current progress. The promise of a groundbreaking experience can only go so far, it seems.

However, there are plenty who are still set on seeing this project through to completion. Despite some obstacles, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about Star Citizen. This is a game of unbridled potential — here’s hoping that the financial situation behind it can see it through to release.

Star Citizen is expected to release for PC in 2016.

Source: Polygon