Star Citizen Squadron 42 Beta Delayed

Cloud Imperium Games, the company behind the upcoming multiplayer space trading and combat game Star Citizen, has announced that the beta for Squadron 42, its single-player campaign starring Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill, has been delayed for three months.

Star Citizen's Squadron 42 was initially planned to release during the second quarter of 2020. Now, the developer announced that it is now set to launch on the third quarter of 2020. In a lengthy blog post released by Cloud Imperium Games, the studio explained that the delay is due to "staggered development," which divides various development teams to deliver larger features every couple of quarters instead of every quarter.

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CIG further explained that staggered development allows the team to provide high-quality patches with fewer bugs. The developer admitted that the consequence of staggering development is the re-shuffling of schedules, which would lead to further delays. However, Cloud Imperium reassures its backers that this would result in a "much more satisfying gameplay experience."

To oversimplify for clarity's sake, an example of this would be that half of our dev team may be working on 3.7 features, tech, and content, while the other half would be working on 3.8. Once the team working on 3.7 delivers the patch, they would then transition to 3.9.

Although the delay is not that surprising given Star Citizen's lengthy development, it will surely disappoint some of the game's backers, especially since this is not the first time that Squadron 42 has been postponed. Ever since the start of Star Citizen's development seven years ago, the game has been supported by 2.3 million backers, chipping in a total of $240 million.

However, Star Citizen's development may be in trouble, given that the studio is quickly losing money. It was revealed that out of the hundreds of millions the studio was able to earn from backers and in-game purchases, only $17 million remains. Currently, it is still unclear when Star Citizen will see the light of day. Although Squadron 42's beta is set to release in the third quarter of 2020, it remains to be seen whether Cloud Imperium Games will be able to deliver.

Star Citizen is currently in development but has no clear release date, while the beta for its single-player campaign Squadron 42 releases in the third quarter of 2020.

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Source: Cloud Imperium Games

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