The Lighting Effects in Star Citizen are Incredible


For a period of time, the funding and development of Star Citizen was one of the most popular topics in the realm of PC gaming. Due to feature creep and delays, the buzz has mostly died down in 2017, but there's no denying that the game still looks amazing. The latest developer interviews reveal a closer look at the insane amount of work that is going into Star Citizen's lighting effects.

The sci-fi flight sim's funding has exceeded 140 million dollars and, although some early backers have asked for their money back, others are thrilled with the way things look so far. Regardless of how long it will take for the developers to deliver on the laundry list of stretch rewards that have been promised, the product that does exist looks amazing. The realistic lighting effects are pretty mind-blowing and it's hard to believe that the following example doesn't come from a cut scene.

Have a look...

The realistic effects are the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking work from the development team, but the final product seems well worth the time and effort. Like all things Star Citizen-related, we just hope that consumers will have a chance to purchase a finished product and experience these achievements while they are still relevant. Lots of nostalgic gamers are holding out hope that Star Citizen will breath fresh life into the space flight sim genre, so hopefully more than just the backers will have a chance to play the game soon.

Here is the full developer interview that takes a deep dive into the game's lighting system...

What do you think of the game's lighting effects? Are you still excited or has the hype died down? Let us know in the comments.

Star Citizen has no set release date. At launch, the sci-fi space simulation game will be available for PC and Linux.

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