A Star Citizen backer has come out of the shadows to admit he has spent around $30,000 on the crowd-funded title produced by Cloud Imperium Games, and plans to spend even more.

Star Citizen is the largest crowd funded game of all time, meaning it’s all thanks to supportive gamers that the studio can create such a large scale space based sci-fi title. Cloud Imperium Games has built up a large legion of dedicated fans ever since Star Citizen was first announced as a Kickstarter project 3 years ago, and it’s now more clear than ever that some fans contribute more than most.

This week, one particular fan has stepped forward to admit that he’s splashed almost $30,000 on digital purchases in the game, which can sometimes have individual ships running a cost of $250.

The man, known as Ozy311 online and simply Chris in real life, has confirmed he’s spent “about $30,000” on the game, which has granted him access to everything in the Star Citizen universe, multiple times over:

“I literally have everything and even then, multiple of everything, many times. I have the highest package in the game, which is called ‘The Completionist with the Million Mile High Club,’ which is a base package that’s $15,000. It didn’t start out that way, though. When I started getting into the game years ago, it was this and that, and this and that. And then after I started to see the product mature, I was convinced it was what I also dreamed of, and was hooked. I went in deep.”

Whilst saying he ‘went in deep’ is a pretty big understatement in the realm of how much games typically cost, Chris explains that his big-time video game spending is actually far less expensive than his other hobbies, like when he used to pour money into import cars. As a teenager, his pastime expenses rallied up a total far beyond what he’s spent to date in Star Citizen:

“That’s no different. I guarantee I spent more money on my Hondas and my import love than I have on this game.”

The almost-40-year-old gamer admits that while his wife and children know about his expensive connection with Star Citizen, he still hasn’t told his own parents as he doesn’t believe they would understand why someone would place down such a large amount of cash on a video game. Quoth the man himself, “Some people buy real boats; I buy pixel boats. I guess I’ve just grown up my entire life thinking that where you acquire your entertainment from is your choice and should not be judged by the world as a whole.”

Star Citizen Pilot

Chris had spent over 10 years playing World of Warcraft, where he said he became entwined with the community and made plenty of online friends. The main attraction of games like Star Cititzen and World of Warcraft, he says, is that there’s no kids sitting around ‘pew pewing’ about Call of Duty. Chris also mentioned he was a member of a group called COVE (Cosmic Ventures), which he states is full of mature, respectful, and great people who help make him feel at home.

Despite approaching the $30,000 milestone, Chris admits his spending is far from over. Cloud Imperium Games is still hard at work adding new content to the game, and Chris more or less admits that he knows he’s going to spend even more to keep buying it all up. Not every backer is as supportive as Chris, and we’re sure the staff at Cloud Imperium Games are happy to hear that the gamer is in it for the long run – although they are still offering refunds to any unsatisfied backers.

The studio has recently announced an impressive cast list for the single player campaign, and we have no doubt they’ll continue making ships for premium players like Chris to purchase.

What do you think about someone spending around $30,000 on their favorite game, Ranters?

Source: GameSpot