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Chris Roberts reveals that Squadron 42, the story campaign for Star Citizen, is going to be delayed, with the campaign no longer set to arrive in 2016.

The development cycle of the highly ambitious space sim Star Citizen has been one marred with holdups. The title, which has hit over $100 million in its crowdfunding campaign, has suffered from multiple delays over the course of its creation, with the dogfighting module and FPS module both having their release windows pushed back. Unfortunately, the title is now on the receiving end of yet another delay, with the game's story campaign now having its release window held back.

The news comes courtesy of Chris Roberts, who revealed the delay during CitizenCon 2016. Roberts advised that although the Star Citizen story mode, which goes under the monicker of Squadron 42, was originally slated for release in 2016, this is going to have to be pushed back. "As much as we wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it's not going to be this year," said Roberts during the event.

At the moment, the title does not have another set release date. However, gamers who have enjoyed the title's multiple alpha modes may suspect that the delay may not hold back the campaign for too long. After all, it's already late into 2016, so it may well be that the delay will push the game's release into early 2017 instead. That said, with Star Citizen it has always proved to be best to err on the side of caution.

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A lot has been promised with Star Citizen, and if the title is able to deliver upon its promise then fans of space-themed games will no doubt have an experience like no other. The game's campaign has looked equally as interesting as the other aspects of Star Citizen, with a cast including such huge names as Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill. The cast itself has also seemed to have a good time working on the game, with Hamill discussing the motion capture process for Star Citizen.

Unfortunately, there have been other problems behind the scenes. Perhaps the most obvious sign of the issues the game has been having was the departure of executive producer Alex Mayberry, as losing such a major part of the development team is never an easy problem to address. As such, perhaps additional delays were somewhat inevitable.

This has perhaps tainted the game in the eyes of some backers, with certain users even receiving high-profile refunds on Star Citizen. However, for many others the wait is still seen to be worth it, and the title still makes many lists of the most anticipated VR games that are on the way. Hopefully, this delay will be little but a minor setback, and backers will have their hands on the campaign sooner rather than later.

Source: EuroGamer

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