‘Star Citizen’ Funding Hits $44M, Stellar Cartography Room Unlocked

By | 2 years ago 

By now, if you haven’t heard of Star Citizen you must not be paying attention. Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games Corporations‘ forthcoming space sim title has done nothing but impress, and, surprisingly, it’s still almost a year away from release.

Of course, Star Citizen‘s biggest accomplishment thus far is its crowd-funding campaign, which earlier this week reached a massive $44 million total. What’s more impressive is that Star Citizen was able to accrue an additional $1 million in less than a 30-day span. Clearly, the title’s appeal is still growing.

In addition to the latest milestone, developer Chris Roberts had a few things to say about forthcoming features for Star Citizen, including trading and cargo holds, as well as a Stellar Cartography room. For now, however, Roberts and his team are only talking about these features as they apply to backers, which should be incentive enough for those who haven’t to contribute.

The first thing Roberts had to show off was the “negotiation room” from a freighter called the Banu Mechantman. According to the team, this will be a place where traders can invite other players into their ship to both show off their wares and to participate in trades.

Star Citizen Banu Merchantman Negotiation Room

As Roberts explained, trading and cargo are two elements that the team is still working through — determining how best to represent cargo holds on ships and how players will be able to interact with their cargo. For now, they’re flirting with an idea that looks similar to the diagram below.

Star Citizen Storage Container Mockup

And finally, Roberts shared first details regarding the Stellar Cartography modular room — a map room of sorts that will be unique to each player. When they start out, players will have access to a 3D holographic representation of the United Empire of Earth, but the map will expand as players explore the uncharted worlds of Star Citizen. Unfortunately, the modular room is unique to those players who have already pledged to Star Citizen‘s crowdfunding campaign, or at least that’s what Roberts Space Industries has planned so far.

Clearly, RSI is dedicated not just to being completely transparent about their earnings through crowdfunding, but also, and more importantly, to showing backers how their contributions are helping improve Star Citizen. And things are only going to get more exciting for Star Citizen backers, with the launch of the Arena Commander Module (seen in stunning detail here) on May 29th.

What are you more intrigued by: the negotiation room and trading or the Stellar Cartography room? What would you convince you to back Star Citizen if you haven’t already?

Source: Roberts Space Industries