Star Citizen Hits $100 Million in Crowdfunding


The long-awaited PC space combat and flight simulator from Cloud Imperium Games announces Star Citizen's reaching of $100 million in its crowdfunding campaign.

As most gaming fans are aware, Star Citizen has long since held the world record as being the most successfully crowdfunded project of any kind in history once it made $63 million last year. Now, Cloud Imperium Games has revealed that Star Citizen has completely obliterated its original goals by obtaining an absolutely massive sum of more than $100 million from backers.

Before Star Citizen concluded as a project entirely, the space epic's creator and director, Chris Roberts, had said $100 million was the target he wanted to hit, so in that respect the campaign has been a success. Unfortunately, though, achieving such a feat doesn't mean that the production process for the game is over at all, as the additional funds for the title will go toward its continued development, however long that may be.

While a concrete date still hasn't been set for its release, Star Citizen backers have at least been treated to some fruits of Cloud Imperium Games' labor, as the game's Alpha 2.0 update released yesterday, allowing funders to take part in space combat, first-person shooting battles, and multi-crew flight adventures. In truth, it's really the least developers could do, considering the sheer devotion of a lot of the space sim's supporters. As it happens, last month, one fan admitted to contributing $30,000 to fund the campaign, with plans to donate even more in the future.


With $100 million in funding definitely being indicative of there being a rabid fan-base for Star Citizen, there are also some backers who have expressed concerns and wanted their money back due to Cloud Imperium Games' nebulous release window of 2016. Thankfully, the studio honored the once-supporters' requests, with backers receiving full pledge refunds.

Star Citizen's campaign started way back in October 2012, so fans' doubts on whether or not the title would ever see the light of day is certainly an understandable worry to have. Nevertheless, it isn't as if Cloud Imperium Games hasn't been busy cooking up content for the game. In fact, several months ago, it was announced that Star Citizen was so chock-full of assets that the client download was at least 100 GB. Now, with more than $100 million in funding, there's no telling how much that number will grow.

Of course, having Star Citizen come out sooner rather than later would be wonderful, but with Cloud Imperium Games' intention of creating a new genre of gaming by blending first-person shooting, open world discovery, flight simulation, aerial combat, and MMO elements is incredibly ambitious. Bearing all of that in mind, the most important thing for developers to do is take their time to ensure all of Star Citizen's features are assiduously refined in order to deliver the best possible experience with the final product.

Star Citizen currently has no exact release date set, but Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that the game will be available on PC once it launches.

Source: GameSpot

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