Virtual reality was the name of the (literal) game at Sony’s E3 2017 conference, and Star Child was one of many PlayStation VR titles announced in the showing’s hour-long run. From developer Playful, the creators of the Oculus Rift launch game Lucky’s TaleStar Child is a sci-fi space adventure that subverts the usual cuteness of the platformer genre — an element quite evident in the title’s official announcement trailer.

The painfully brief Star Child clip shown during Sony’s presser focused on showing off the game’s space-faring and role-playing elements that, according to its developer, are meant to catapult a “cross-genre game style” past predetermined bounds and deliver a unique experience. The trailer panned across gorgeous desert landscapes and dove inside mechanical tubes housing technologically advanced mechanics.

Life simulation aspects were hinted at as well, as viewers stole a look at one of the game’s characters, a pink-haired girl jogging and climbing across various landscapes and dodging mammoth monsters. There are fantastical creatures lurking about the alien world, which is abundant with neon and fluorescent plants and animals that will look dazzling in virtual reality. Sadly, not much else was featured in the short Star Child trailer. Before fans get a full look at the game, the clip ends with a giant robot saving the girl.

But what does all this mean? And what is Star Child about? Definitive plot details (or even subtle hints) were definitely lacking in the clip shown on Monday night and unfortunately weren’t amended for in any post-show press material. Playful also didn’t announce when fans will be able to call Star Child their own, but the developer did confirm that its tinkering away on a sequel to Lucky’s Tale called Super Lucky’s Tale. That news broke on Sunday during Microsoft’s E3 briefing.

With the unveiling of Star Child, a PlayStation 4 and PSVR title, and the confirmation of a follow-up title that isn’t VR and is actually an Xbox One launch exclusive, it seems like Playful is really playing the field with its two forthcoming titles.

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Star Child is currently in development for the PS4.