Incredibly Rare NES Game Sells For $42,000

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Being a collector in the world of video games is far from an inexpensive hobby. There are all kinds of rare and incredibly limited titles that continue to be dealt regularly, but few vintage games are as treasured as the NES title known as Stadium Events. Considered by many classic video game collectors to be the Holy Grail of their hobby, it's for that exact reason that a mint condition Stadium Events still in its original plastic wrap recently sold privately for $42,000 USD.

If this story sounds oddly familiar, that's because this exact same game was recently part of an eBay auction that amassed a bid of $42,077 USD ($55,000 AUD), but that sale fell through after the winning bidder opted out of paying for the item. Failing to let themselves be discouraged, the seller pushed forward with trying to sell the sealed SKU and ended up doing that for the price tag mentioned in the opening paragraph.

Extremely Rare NES Game Stadium Events Sells on Ebay

Speaking with Kotaku's Chris Kohler, the seller expressed their happiness in being able to find the pristine copy of Stadium Events a home:

"With all the hassles of the auction, we were blessed with this buyer. He was a man of his word, trustworthy, and deserves the highest graded Stadium Events completely!”

As a bit of background pertaining to why Stadium Events is so rare to begin with, this incredibly limited NES game saw a very short shelf life before it was eventually subbed out for another title called World Class Track Meet. Nowadays the cartridge alone will go for around $10,000 USD, while opened versions with the box and instruction manual included can go upwards of $20,000 USD apiece. Evidently, these games are highly sought after items by collectors, and it's extremely uncommon to see a sealed version of the game come up for sale.

Despite it's role in the medium's history (or apparent lack thereof), it's still surreal for non-collectors to see one of the most sought after vintage video games go for $42K in U.S. currency – the largest amount that's ever been paid for a copy of the game.

Source: Kotaku

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