'Stacking' Featurette with Double Fine's Tim Schafer & Lee Petty

Stacking With Tim Schafer and Lee Petty

The big boys at Double Fine, Tim Schafer and Lee Petty, recently sat down with PlayStation Blog to talk Stacking.

In Stacking you play young chimney sweep Charlie Blackmore, the smallest matryoshka (russian nesting) doll in all the land.

The basic premise of this adventure game is that you can nest inside any doll that is one size larger than you are - and take on that doll's abilities. On top of that, you can keep stacking into larger and larger dolls. Only the outermost doll's abilities are available to Charlie, so you need to pick and choose which dolls you want to take control of in order to solve puzzles. The puzzles come in the form of challenges, which need to be solved in order to progress the story  -which is told in cut scenes set on a miniature diorama stage.

For those who don't know Tim Schafer, he's been around the game industry for almost two decades and is responsible for designing a number of franchises including Full ThrotleGrim Fandango, and Psychonaughts. Lee Petty was the Art Director for Brütal Legend and is the Project Lead for Stacking.

To see the interview in its entirety, including flatulence (you have been warned), check out the video below:


One especially interesting bit of info from the interview is the non-linear resolution of problems in the game. Don't want to solve a problem one way? No problem, each puzzle has at least three solutions (some have as many as six). In addition, attempting challenges multiple times should provide the game with some wonderful replayability as players tackle the challenges from different angles.

In case you missed the trailer when it was first released, take a look at the game in action below:

Double Fine is best known as the studio that brought the critically acclaimed Psychonaughts to the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 back in 2005. Despite being well received by critics, gamers weren't as enthusiastic - as sales were far below expectations. Similarly, the studio's next game, Brütal Legend, was met with mixed reviews, and the same low sales problem - despite being the best tribute to metal since Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.

Double Fine is capable of delivering unique gameplay experiences, with great production quality, so Stacking should be a game to keep on your radar.

Stacking will invade PlayStation Network on February 8th, 2011 and on Xbox Live Arcade one day later on February 9th, 2011. Are you going to be picking up this original game when it comes out?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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