THQ and Double Fine Announce 'Stacking' for XBLA and PSN

Stacking Double Fine PSN XBLA

It seems like only yesterday Double Fine was invading the downloadable game space with the whimsical Halloween adventure Costume Quest (which has an expansion on the way). It may not have been yesterday, but it was little more than a month ago, and yet the house that Tim Schafer built is ready to hit us with something new. Not content to sit around not producing games, Double Fine and THQ have just announced Stacking, a new adventure-puzzle game for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

For any malcontent gamers who are tired of only getting to inhabit bloodthirsty space marines for hours on end, Stacking might be right up your alley. The game lets players control Charlie Blackmore. Charlie is the smallest Russian nesting doll in the world. He uses his small size to jump inside other dolls in order to gain their abilities and further explore his world.

Puzzle elements come into play by only letting Charlie use the ability of the outermost doll, even if he is wearing multiple dolls. Players must decide which doll to use in specific situations to solve the game's puzzles. The game promises  loads of replay value by rewarding players for overcoming the same obstacles in different ways, as there is no one set way to get past a problem.

Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network have become a great place to find different and aesthetically creative gems, and we would expect no less from the minds that gave us Psychonauts. Check out the trailer above to see the game’s sweetly serene yet altogether bustling old country feel. The color palette is warm and charming, and the dolls themselves move with an under-cranked, stop-motion animation look reminiscent of the silent film era the game seems to be trying to invoke. Stacking looks like it will be right at home next to visually unique games like Limbo and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.

Are the Ranters ready for more Double Fine craziness? Have you been dying to live out your fantasy as a tiny nesting doll, or will you pass because you're still coming down from the sugar high that was Costume Quest?

Either way, Stacking gets all dolled up for XBLA and PSN sometime in Spring 2011.

Source: IGN

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