New 'SSX' Trailers Showcase Uber Stunts, Reveal GeoTags

SSX Trailers

The SSX games have always managed to fuse racing and stunt-based gameplay into a seamless, exhilarating whole. There is every indication that the upcoming reboot, itself simply titled SSX, will carry on that tradition by celebrating the series' past while adding a wealth of new features.

Neatly encapsulating the idea, EA Sports has released two new trailers for SSX. The first showcases Mac Fraser's signature Uber, while the second reveals one of SSX's brand new gameplay elements, GeoTags.

Uber tricks first appeared in fan-favorite SSX Tricky. Hugely exaggerated, completely impossible, and undeniably fun, Uber tricks quickly came to define the SSX experience for a number of fans. Just as RUN-D.M.C.’s classic "It's Tricky" is triumphantly returning to the SSX fold, so too are Uber tricks present and accounted for in the new game, bigger and badder than ever before.

EA Sports is kicking off a series of trailers showcasing SSX's Uber tricks with Mac Fraser's "Walk The Dog." Expect to see new character Uber trailers every week from now until the game launches on February 28th. Check out Mac below.


I'd like to see Travis Rice try that!

The second, and much longer, SSX trailer offers an expanded look at the game, and features the debut of GeoTags. Glowing wireframe globes that are scattered through SSX's expansive landscapes, GeoTags (which, yes, are essentially collectibles) will help encourage players to thoroughly scour the game's massive world. The trailer advises players to "find, collect and share" GeoTags to earn credits, though given the game's emphasis on social features via RiderNet, bragging rights are probably nearly as important.

Ladies and gentlemen, the trailer's name says it all: "This Is SSX"


It's been a long hiatus for SSX, but it looks like the wait was worth it. The first SSX gameplay trailer is absolutely gorgeous, and -- equally important where SSX is concerned -- the soundtrack just kicks! No wonder it's one of Game Rant's Most Anticipated Games of 2012.

With less than six weeks remaining until launch, time is running out to get in on the game's pre-order bonuses (GameStop customers snag Eddie Wachowski, his Elite Snowboard, and an attribute Perk). See you on the virtual slopes, Ranters.

Are you looking forward to SSX? Which of the previous SSX games is your favorite?

SSX releases February 28, 2012, for Xbox 360 and PS3.


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