SSX Defy Reality Trailer and NBA Jam On Fire Edition

SSX has come a long way, not just from its beginnings in 2000, but also from the original reboot title, Deadly Descents, when it was first unveiled. In two new trailers the characters of SSX show off their moves both on the slopes and on the basketball court.

Next thing you know these guys will be in racing games.

Fans were skeptical of this reboot, fearing that the high-flying antics of past games were now going to be grounded by reality. However, those fears were soon put to rest after we previewed the title at E3 2011 – even nominating it for our Best Sports Game choice. The mountains players will be boarding on will be real, but all the gravity-defying tricks of the previous titles still remain.

The first trailer shows just how high gamers will be able to soar in SSX. In this trailer the main characters of the game defy reality by narrowly dodging the blades of a chopper and putting those squirrel-suits to good use.

Check out the video below:


The motion comics for SSX indicate that each of the characters of the game will come from some diverse backgrounds. We know that Elise Riggs has some experience in the film industry, but many probably didn’t figure she would make an awesome basketball player. Elise, Kaori and Mac are unlockable characters in the new NBA Jam On Fire Edition due out this week.

Check out the razzle dazzle in the video below:


These guys are definitely defying reality, cause playing basketball in all that snowboarding gear can’t be easy. Looking more closely you can see that the dunks these three have are similar to the tricks they pull off on the slopes. EA didn’t say how these characters will be unlocked, could is possibly be just as simple as inputing a special set of initials, like past unlocks for the franchise?

SSX is expected to launch in January 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. You can catch Elise, Mac and Kaori breaking backboards in NBA Jam On-Fire Edition due out this week on Oct 4th on PSN for 14.99 and Oct 5th Xbox LIVE for 1200 pts.

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