SSX Trailer Elise

SSX: Deadly Descents was officially unveiled at the 2010 Video Game Awards with a controversial teaser trailer. Instead of the neon and day glo look that most gamers have come to associate with the SSX series, the trailer looked grim and gritty — more Call of Duty than SSX Tricky. Since that time, the team behind the game has been working to reassure players that though there will be changes made to the classic formula, this is still SSX.

For starters, Electronic Arts dropped the Deadly Descents subtitle. To further keep fans in the loop with what’s happening on the new SSX, the developers have been releasing a series of behind the scenes videos on the production of the game.

Titled “Making SSX: Bringing Back The Franchise,” the latest such trailer covers the character designs for the new game. EA Canada Producer Sean Smillie, Art Director Ron Bignell, and Character Modeler Michael Christensen offer a thorough history of SSX character Elise Riggs before showing off how she’ll look in the latest SSX. Watch closely and you might just catch a glimpse of some actual gameplay.

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More so than the debut trailer, this new look at SSX does a good job of demonstrating how the developers at EA Canada are planning to update the franchise while remaining true to the core of the experience. Elise’s new look, while obviously updated, nevertheless carries forward designs that have been in place since the first game.

While words like “believable gear” and “believable wardrobe” don’t sound entirely out of place when discussing Elise’s design, I’m grateful that phrases like “over the top gameplay” and “exaggerated worlds” are used to describe the game itself. The brief bit of in-game footage featured in the trailer — an enormous jump and some whimsical course design — certainly make it look as if the developers are on the right track.

Three other episodes of “Making SSX” have been produced, and they are all available to view at the official SSX website.

What do you think of your latest look at the new SSX? Can the series recapture its past glory?

SSX is expected to ship this Fall for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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