'SSX' Online Trailer Part 2 Highlights Geo Tags and Global Events

SSX Online Trailer Global Events Geo Tags

While SSX might have got off to a bad start with the Deadly Descents reveal during 2011's Spike VGAs, EA is doing everything they can to correct that misstep -- starting first with dropping the heavily Call of Duty influenced atmosphere. Along with a new direction, and a greater emphasis on the insane tricks that made SSX a household name, EA has put the franchise back on track, but also plans to bolster the experience with some cool new features.

Among those features are the game's online modes, which allow players to interact with each other online in some new and interesting ways. Highlighted in part two of a trailer series focused on SSX's online features are the Geo Tag and global events systems.

Global Events, unlike your traditional matchmaking systems, allow for players to compete online in a series of courses whilst trying to earn some of SSX's in-game currency. There's no need to stay till the end of a Global Event, nor to get in at the beginning, simply post a top time or score and you should reap some serious rewards.

These Global Events are created across all of the major drops found in SSX, and constantly being generated for players to take part in daily -- and, for players who prefer competing with their friends, Global Events supports the ability to create custom events as well.

Keeping that online competition ball rolling, SSX's Geo Tag system allows for players to place a marker anywhere on the game's many drops for their friends to collect. It's essentially an in-game collectible that earns players XP for passing through it, and earns the Geo Tag placer in-game credits the longer it goes unfound.


With Geo Tags and Global Events rounding out a comprehensive list of online content for SSX, players will have quite the plethora of options to choose from. Yes, there are still the huge tricks, flashy racers, and fast-paced atmosphere to entice fans of the series, but these online features will help keep them coming back for more.

Which of these two new features, Geo Tags or Global Events, will keep you returning to SSX to outdo your friends? What elements of SSX revealed thus far are you most excited about getting your hands on?

SSX releases February 28, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: RipTen

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