Explore the Massive World of 'SSX' in New Video Series

No PlayStation 2 launch title is more fondly remembered than the original SSX. The series had a great run last generation, but it's been far too long since gamers have had the opportunity to take to the virtual slopes, speed down a mountain and bust mad tricks. Not one to let a cherished franchise rest on its laurels, Electronic Arts is bringing SSX back in a big way.Now, in advance of SSX's projected January 2012 release date, the team at EA Canada take players behind-the-scenes of the game's production with a new video series titled "SSX: Massive World." The first installment, released today, offers a fascinating look at the proprietary Mountain Man software used sculpt SSX's massive peaks. Fueled by NASA topographical data, Mountain Man puts all of the world's mountain ranges within reach of the game's developers -- no wonder the SSX Gamescom trailer boasts 100,000 player events.

During the course of the video, SSX Creative Director Todd Batty and Environment Art Director Geoff Coates explore three of the game's nine major regions (the Himalayas, Alaska, and Siberia), paying particular attention to the different gameplay styles available on each course. To top it all off, "Massive World Part 1" is packed with fresh SSX gameplay footage that fans won't want to miss.

Take a look at "SSX: Massive World Part 1" below.


Despite the rocky reception afforded SSX when it was first announced on the 2010 Video Game Awards as SSX: Deadly Descents, fans have every reason to be excited about the game. The new SSX details released early in the month -- particularly RiderNet, SSX's Autolog -- make clear that the game won't be coasting on nostalgia. New SSX trailers, meanwhile, suggest that graphically, the game could be a stunner.

Ranters, are we looking at the first must-have game of 2012? If SSX is a major success, could it usher in a new age of extreme sports video games? What do you think?

SSX takes to the slopes January of 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3


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