EA has released a new, brief motion comic detailing SSX character Elise Riggs. The comic sheds some light on her background and how she evolved from a simple trick snowboarder to getting involved with the more extreme snowboarding found in the revamped SSX.

Unfortunately, the comic does not show any new gameplay footage and instead sticks to its motion-comic roots throughout. It does, however, provide some additional insight to what gamers can expect Elise to look like in the new SSX game and perhaps sheds more light on the game’s tone.

EA is certainly trying to keep gamers interested in SSX by releasing a little bit of new information every so often. Gamers’ acceptance of the title seems to be increasing more and more since it was first revealed at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards.

The brief video shown there made the game look something like Halo on snowboards. Since that time, they have dropped the “Deadly Descents” subtitle and given gamers a few glimpses behind the scenes.

Check out the story comic trailer for Elise Riggs now:


I have to admit, while some of the previous behind the scenes videos did a good job of making the game look good, this motion comic does not. It is not the quality of the motion comic itself, per se, but rather that it exists at all. Do people really care about Elise’s personal character journey from one SSX game to the next? Did we want to know she left snowboarding and got into acting for a bit? I certainly didn’t.

The trailer also has me worried that the upcoming SSX might have some boring or completely unnecessary story elements thrown in the game too. SSX is not about story. The characters were just there to look different and provide gamers with a few options regarding their play type, i.e., speed, jump, etc. I really hope these motion comics are the only time we hear about each character’s story and why they joined this new SSX team. If that is the case, I might still be interested in the game.

Am I the only that feels this way? Do any of you like this motion comic? Do you want know the background and story behind the characters in SSX? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

SSX is expected to ship this Fall for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.