Electronic Arts is aiming to revolutionize the FPS genre with Battlefield 3, and it looks as if they plan to change the way we look at extreme sports with SSX. EA is sparing no expense when it comes to this reboot and making sure players walk away with an experience they won’t soon forget.

EA Sports has utilized the power of NASA satellites to fully render some of the world’s more treacherous mountains in the game. They then used their own technology to exaggerate these mountain ranges and shape them into the death defying courses players will be racing on come January.

The most recent “Defy Reality” trailer showed fans how insane some of these tracks can be and we now know that there will be no limit to where the player can race. EA has removed the invisible walls that originally guided players down a single track. In SSX, players go where they want to go. They can also perform ridiculous tricks to fill their ‘Tricky’ meter to execute even more outrageous stunts. Thanks to a new physics engine, players will be able to trick off of almost anything on the course.

Those who play SSX will not only have the mountain to deal with, but Mother Nature herself. She’s not an unlockable character, rather players will have to out-run avalanches, white-outs, frigid cold temperatures and other hazards as they race to the finish line. They really should’ve made her an unlockable character.

SSX New Detailes Revealed

SSX veterans Elise, Mac, Kaori, Psymon, Moby and Zoe will be making a return to the franchise along with some new faces that have yet to be revealed. Players will be able to outfit these characters with upgradable boards and wing suits that alter speed, tricks and glide distance. Which character are you looking forward to race with?

The game will sport three major game modes called ‘Drops’. There are Trick Drops and Race Drops where players will attempt to get the highest trick score or be the first to the finish line. The other mode is the Survival Drop, which sounds like an endless survival mode you would find in a fighting game or FPS. In this mode players compete to see who can survive the furthest down the mountain. The natural hazards mentioned earlier will probably play a big role in this mode.

EA is all about social networking and SSX will have its own network called RiderNet, inspired by Autolog from Need for Speed. In RiderNet, members will be able to ‘like’ friends’ Drops and recommend drops and friends to other players. This network will also tie into the global events of SSX, which EA claims will host up to 100,000 players in real-time. During these events, competitors will phase in and out of the surrounding environment as you take part in the competition.

This title is shaping up to be the must have extreme sports title when it launches early next year. Are you excited for the new SSX?

SSX is expected to launch in January 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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