Rumor Patrol: 'SSX: Deadly Descents' is the Next in the Snowboarding Series

SSX: Deadly Descent - Rumor Patrol

Domain registrations aren't necessarily the most reliable sources for rumors, but in this case it's difficult not to get excited. There hasn't been an SSX game since early 2007, and even longer since the series' heyday on the PlayStation 2, so why there hasn't been more demand for a modern sequel should be mysterious to many gamers. Luckily there is a hint of daylight, as EA has registered a number of domains that point towards a new SSX game being made, titled either SSX: Deadly Descent or SSX: First Descent.

The specific domains registered show a greater focus on the Deadly Descent title, but perhaps that could mean that First Descent is being planned as some sort of comic, preLC, or Wii version of the game. Deadly Descent certainly implies a more mature direction than the franchise took with SSX: Blur on the Wii. Perhaps extreme sports fans can hope for a return to "hardcore" extreme sports games rather than the casual Tony Hawk and Shawn White releases put out recently.

Who would develop the new SSX, though? This should be the biggest question in gamers' minds. EA Canada and EA Montreal, the two developers responsible for SSX up to now, could both be working on the new game, absolutely. They both have finished work on various The Sims 3 projects earlier this year, and their current focus is unclear. There is also the odd rumor that Criterion Games, currently rapping up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, was working on a new SSX game from earlier this year. Imagine a Burnout: Paradise style snowboarding game, but only briefly, because Criterion strongly denied those rumors and would likely continue to as the work on perfecting Hot Pursuit. What comes after that, though?

EA Games could potentially give SSX to any of its very talented developers. It's hard not to be excited about the next iteration in the franchise though, especially the mere chance that Criterion could potentially make it.

If you were lucky enough to score a PlayStation 2 at launch, you might agree that SSX was one of the console's best launch titles. The news that the SSX series might return on modern console's should stir up lots of nostalgia and hopefully persuade some developers that we would love to hear more on their new game.

Who would you like to see develop a new SSX game, Ranters? Are you skeptical of any new skate/snowboarding game with the all of the disappointing titles being released lately? Would you like seeing SSX take a more serious and mature tone, or stick with its cartoony style? Do you want more info on SSX: Deadly Descent as soon as possible?

Source: MTV Blog

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