Following several teases for an upcoming SSX downloadable content pack in the form of puzzle pieces of a screenshot pertaining to classic SSX elements, publisher/developer Electronic Arts officially confirmed on Friday that a retro experience will be delivered from past titles in DLC.

The first DLC for SSX is certainly going to delight fans of the snowboarding franchise. Electronic Arts shed light on the downloadable content pack to reveal that it’s aiming to give players a sense of nostalgia by instilling the memorable experiences from classic SSX installments.

Dubbed the Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack, the DLC will be released on May 1st. Mt. Eddie is based on Tricky and features a mountain that is “ultra-long,” in addition to 9 new Race and Trick drops. Furthermore, it’ll also apparently feature “huge kickers, ridiculous grinds, a Big Air drop, fireworks” inspired from classic SSX iterations. Finally, Mt. Eddie will deliver two music tracks from past titles.

The downloadable content pack bundle pack also features a total of seven retro SSX characters stemming from both SSX 3 and Tricky. Each of these characters will come equipped with their own unique snowboard.

So, what’s the price of SSX nostalgia, you may ask? EA’s attached a $7.99 price tag for the combined bundle. The mountain and characters, meanwhile, can alternatively be purchased separately with a price of $5.99 each.

There’s no doubting the value and excitement of the forthcoming DLC for SSX. However, as evidenced by fans’ comments on the game’s Facebook page, is this another example of content that should have initially been included in the reboot?

Many may argue that the developers should have made the game a bit beefier by implementing classical elements of the series which could have also perhaps made up for the lack of live online multiplayer or offline split-screen play. That said, this is EA we’re talking about — with their shenanigans regarding DLC in past titles, this certainly isn’t a surprise.

Ranters, what are your thoughts on the DLC? Should EA have provided it in the first place or you don’t mind and will purchase the game’s upcoming downloadable content regardless?

The Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack will release for $7.99 on May 1st on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: EA