Apparently, Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada is a tough man to please. While almost every game developer out there can’t stop raving about either Move, Kinect, the 3DS or all of them simultaneously, Wada had this to say:

Basically these technologies will stimulate the consumer market, so as a game company we welcome these new trends and the next step will be for us to create new games that will work on the different platforms or with different technology. But be it Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony, the announcements they are making this time are not the kind of technology that will definitively change the industry itself. So I think it is only an extension of the existing trajectory, if you will.

And later on in the interview he clarified even further:

Unless Kinect becomes the interface like the one we have seen in Minority Report or it becomes so advanced that it reads brain waves, technology has jumped so much already we can’t think of anything more that can be added to that. A little further away from games consoles is the output such as 3D. True 3D is not the 3D that you can see inside the screen, it has to come out and jump out at you like a hologram. 3D today is not bad, but only so-so.

Okay, so as a businessman, Wada is excited for the short-term growth that these types of innovations will bring but thinks that, in all reality, they’re nothing more than a flash in the pan. So just what is this guy excited for?

First and foremost I would like them to come up with a network infrastructure that will allow the publishers like us to freely design different business schemes. For the publishers the advantage of the networks is that it allows more types of diversified revenue models and I don’t want their networks to interfere with that.

Now while that sounds like just about the most boring thing ever, Wada does manage to make things slightly more interesting by the time the interview ends.

If you’re asking me if Square Enix is interested in creating a certain type of platform, my answer is yes.

The closest image I can think of is Valve’s Steam service. But I do not want to end up fighting with Valve or the game console manufacturers and as a diplomat and ambassador I will not be saying anything that will offend them.

It’s no secret that Square-Enix seems to have a love affair with the iPhone platform, so is this interview indicative of Wada’s hopes to see a similar setup on the home consoles? Are they setting themselves up as the consoles’ answer to Steam? ¬†Or is this something different altogether?

Let us know about some of your conspiracy theories in the comments section.

Source: G.I. Biz