Square Enix's 'MindJack' Doesn't Mind Its Schedule, Delayed Until 2011

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MindJack may not be on many gamer’s radars, but delays have a funny way of changing that. Square Enix and Feelplus have pushed back the release of the third-person shooter, originally slated for an October, 2010 launch. They have opted to bypass the holiday rush and release the game on January 18, 2011.

Video game delays have become increasingly more common in today’s industry, perhaps even trendy, but that doesn’t mean gamers always appreciate them. Many fans were very disappointed when Epic Games announced its delay of Gears of War 3. Regardless, it is hard to argue with successful game delays such as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Activision is also claiming their delay of True Crime: Hong Kong has significantly improved the game.

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MindJack is a third-person shooter that takes place in AD 2031, a time where governments are forced to battle mega-corporations for power. Players take control of federal agent Jim Corbijn, who has the ability to hack people’s minds in order to defeat them. Sounds a bit like Vanquish meets Inception, doesn’t it?

MindJack’s most talked about feature is its drop in/out co-op, which allows additional players to join a single-player campaign mission at any time without altering the experience. This sounds great, but it might be a bad sign that this is just about the only thing advertised in regards to gameplay.

Feelplus is a relatively new developer and have been inconsistent with the quality of the games they release. On one hand, they have been a part of successes such as Lost Odyssey and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, yet they are also responsible for critical failures Ju-On: The Grudge and Ninety-Nine Nights II. MindJack is their chance to prove that they have what it takes to be a serious contender.

Was MindJack on your radar before its delay? What do you think about MindJack and its developer Feelplus' track record?

MindJack will hi-jack your thoughts on January 18, 2011 via Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: Gamespot

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