Square Enix And Yahoo Create A Browser Game

Square Enix has teamed up with Yahoo, and their collaboration has brought about a new game by the name of Sengoku IXA. This game is not a platformer, nor is it an MMORPG of any sort. It is a free browser-based strategy game, which was accurately predicted in our earlier post on the new game from Yahoo and Square Enix. However; unless you can fluently read Japanese, you might be out of luck on this one.

The game has been developed by One-Up and a chunk of the visuals done by Square Enix, but as far as anyone knows, there is a closed beta that begins on the 27th, but you have to have a Japanese Yahoo ID and need to be signed up on the games official website by the 25th. Hopefully, if the game does well in Japan, an English version will follow, but this is mere hope and no news of and English version has been released.

When the game was first announced it was said it would "make Japanese history," but those words generated awesomely high expectations that for a lot of people, it fell short on. I guess a browser based strategy game just wasn't what people were hoping for. Though it does all seem rather interesting; the battles that you go through occur over three real days, and you earn virtual cards with five different ranks of rarity as you go throughout the game. It seems that selling said cards may be the way that the developers make their money back on the game.

Do you think that Sengoku IXA will be enough to "make Japanese history"? Let us know!

Source: One-up

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