Square Enix iOS Game 'Voice Fantasy' Uses Voice to Create Characters

Square Enix iOS Game Voice Fantasy

After the success of Chaos Rings on the iPhone, gamers have been awaiting Square Enix’s next foray into the world of mobile gaming on Apple’s platform. Just released is a new game titled Voice Fantasy that uses a battle system based solely around, you guessed it, the player’s voice.

A character’s job, properties, and abilities are all dependent on the pitch and volume of a player’s voice. Once a character is summoned they can take part in battles versus a friend’s in game summoned character or monster created for the game. Voice Fantasy doesn't follow the typical Square Enix style of RPG, as the game takes place during automated battles only.

Characters are created solely on how the individual sounds and do battle in three different modes. Single Match pits two characters against each other, Tag Match pits teams of two against each other, and Demon King pits your character against different monsters. With gamers being relegated to only one mobile device, Single Match and Tag Match might not get as much use as Demon King.

Voice Fantasy is certainly a novel idea and makes good use of the mobile phone platform, but that is no indication as to the depth of gameplay contained within the title. The idea of automated battles isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when gamers think of Square Enix, but they have acknowledged the American market's lack of acceptance for turn based games. Perhaps this game will be the perfect combination of bite-sized game combined with inventive mechanics.

If the idea of summoning new creations developed by Square Enix doesn’t get you going, they have announced that an update will be available to allow gamers to summon characters from some of the developer’s popular titles. Pick up the game now in the App Store for $2.99.

Does Voice Fantasy seem like the perfect combination of novel idea and pick up and play gaming for the mobile platform or would you rather have had a more traditional RPG from Square Enix?

Voice Fantasy is available now for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Source: Andria Sang

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