Square Enix Teases ‘Interactive Reveal’ of New Game

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When it comes to new game reveals, some developers go the traditional route and announce a new titles at major events or press conferences. Others opt for a different, more hype-building approach.

Square Enix, who teased a new game on their Twitter account today, seems to favor the latter. Rather than just sharing a trailer or a photo of the title, like other studios might, the folks at Square Enix will unveil their game via a three-day long “interactive experience” that starts Monday, April 6th on Twitch. Supposedly, the game is produced by one of Square Enix’s Western studios.

The tweet shows off an ominous picture of a chair that looks a lot like something used to torture or execute someone. Take a look:

The tweet gives us a few details about what we can expect from the interactive experience. Based on the hints provided, we predict that the game will belong to one of three series: Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, or Deus Ex.

‘Sleeping Dogs’ Sequel?

Triad Wars from United Front Games

The first option, Sleeping Dogs, is the least likely of the three, although we don’t want to count it out. After all, Sleeping Dogs was developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. United Front Games is located in Vancouver, Canada, making it a “Western” studio.

United Front Games is currently working on an open world online game called Triad Wars, which is a spinoff of 2012’s Sleeping Dogs. However, we don’t expect Monday’s reveal to focus on Triad Wars, due to the difference between what we saw of Triad Wars in September and the picture in Square Enix’s tweet.

Another ‘Hitman’?

Hitman World of Assassination

Our next guess is that Square Enix will reveal the next game in the Hitman series. Hitman is developed by IO Interactive, which is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark can be considered a “Western” studio. It’s possible that Square Enix Montreal, located in Canada, may also be helping with the new game, although it was announced a while ago that Square Enix Montreal would focus on smartphone and tablet versions of the Hitman series, instead of console and PC versions.

Our argument for Hitman hinges on a statement made by IO Interactive in an open letter sent in January 2014, which shared a few details about the next Hitman title. In that letter, IO Interactive said that the game would be less linear and would incorporate more open-ended maps. We also learned that there would be a full reveal of the game in 2015. Add those clues to the photo shared in the tweet, and it’s quite possible that we could see Agent 47 back at work on Monday.

The Next Deus Ex?

Deus Ex Adam Jensen

Our final prediction, and the one that’s most likely, is that Monday’s Twitch reveal is related to the next Deus Ex game. Deus Ex is developed by Eidos Montreal, which is located in Canada and is definitely “Western.” A handful of other clues also make Deus Ex the best candidate.

First, the photo revealed in the tweet has a distinctly Deus Ex feel. The lighting, ominous tone, and dark nature point to Deus Ex more than either Sleeping Dogs or Hitman. Additionally, we learned in October 2013 that Eidos Montreal is developing a new Deus Ex title, called Deus Ex Universe, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

That gives Eidos Montreal a year and a half to work on the game (not counting development before the 2013 announcement). Besides, the Twitch reveal is meant to provide an interactive experience, which means that developers can show off some Deus Ex gameplay and provide additional details even if the game won’t be completed any time soon.

New Game?

Of course, Square Enix could also be revealing a brand new IP, in which case we have no idea what it will be. Whatever the publisher reveals, we’re sure it will be good.

What do you think Square Enix will reveal on Monday? Do you think that it could be one of the games we mentioned, or will it be something else? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

Source: Twitter