Square Enix is Having a Spring Clearance Sale

square enix spring clearance sale 2017

Square Enix's games library is one of the deepest in the industry, and 2016 saw the addition of several more classics to the developer's already impressive lineup. Final Fantasy 15 became the fastest selling game in the series when it launched in November of last year, while other sleeper hits like Dragon Quest Builders and World of Final Fantasy proved that Square was adeptly reinforcing its status as one of the dominant forces in video games. It seems all of that recent success has put Square Enix into a celebratory mood, too, as the developer is in the midst of a massive spring clearance sale that features hits from Final FantasyDragon Quest, and more at heavily discounted prices.

Square Enix's spring clearance sale features discounts of up to 75% on current PS4, Xbox One, and PC games from the developer, which is a huge boon to those who might have missed a few recent releases thanks to Square's torrid launch pace in 2016. Those discounts also apply to many of Square's physical merchandise, which includes plush versions of protagonists, incredibly detailed statues, soundtracks, and apparel.

Beyond the company's newest games and merchandise, however, is a sale on many of the developer's classic titles in their physical, retro forms - something that is sure to appeal to collectors everywhere. The list of available physical titles includes games like Final Fantasy 9 for PS1 and Dragon Quest 5The World Ends With You, and Chrono Trigger all on DS. All of those examples are under $20 USD, too, meaning they are well below what many used video game stores would place them at.

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It was an incredible 2016 for Square Enix, a company that has seen many similarly impressive years over its long and storied history in the video game industry. While the spring clearance sale is a nice way of both recognizing that and saving gamers some money, the developer doesn't appear to intend to rest on its laurels, as a recently announced team up between Square Enix and Marvel seems to indicate even bigger and better things for the company in 2017 and beyond.

Still, there are a lot of tempting offers available in the Square Enix store, with a number of classics in their digital form also getting discounted for those who wish to play on their PC instead. What do you think about the Square Enix spring clearance sale? Are there any great finds we missed in our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Square Enix Official Website

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