Square Enix Delays E3 Press Conference to Avoid Nintendo

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Square Enix hasn’t hosted an E3 press conference in years, instead opting to have its games shown off with the conferences of the bigger fish, mostly Sony. However, this year’s E3 has potential to be the largest E3 in history, and Square Enix simply does not want to miss out on the action. So they announced a press conference of their own, set for 9am PDT on June 16th.

This left some confused, as this time slot is one usually dominated by Nintendo on E3 Day 1. Sure enough, Nintendo recently announced their E3 2015 plans, which includes a digital event to take place at the exact time Square was scheduled to host their conference. Instead of trying to go toe to toe with the Big N, however, Square Enix has ultimately decided to delay their E3 press conference.

The delay is only by one hour, so those that plan on following the E3 festivities all week will have to scramble over to the Square Enix stream (or auditorium, for those actually in attendance in Los Angeles) immediately after Nintendo’s digital event concludes. This delay is the best move for everyone evolved, as E3 is already a week wherein game companies have to scratch and claw to get their projects proper attention, as the show is completely inundated with games.

Having E3 conferences take place simultaneously would’ve just created confusion, and also would’ve split attention between Nintendo and Square Enix for those that plan on watching the event from home. This new solution makes it much easier to watch and enjoy E3 without having to choose one conference over the other, and will ensure that both companies receive their proper due.

Square Enix Delays E3 Press Conference to Avoid Nintendo - Square Enix E3 conference time

For those that wish to watch the Square Enix E3 2015 press conference, they can do so live on Square Enix’s designated YouTube and Twitch channels. Square Enix will also live-tweet details from the conference.

Square Enix doesn’t usually host an E3 press conference, so fans should be very excited, especially western gamers, as E3 is geared almost specifically towards those in North America and Europe (though more so North America, admittedly). This means that there may be announcements in regards to localizations of games such as the recently announced 3DS version of Dragon Quest 8, or fellow 3DS title Bravely Second.

As for what’s for sure going to be present at Square Enix’s E3 event, we know that a game being developed by Human Head Studios for Square Enix’s cloud gaming service Shinra will be unveiled, but otherwise, Square Enix has kept their E3 plans secret. That being said, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a virtual guarantee to be at the show, as well as Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, though the latter may actually be seen more during Microsoft’s conference.

Unfortunately, one of Square’s biggest upcoming titles, Final Fantasy 15, will not be at E3. This is bad news for FF fans, but the upside is that this leaves room for Square to potentially show off more of Kingdom Hearts 3. One would assume that the game was a long ways off and wouldn’t stand a chance of being at E3, but considering Square has yet to outright come out and say so like they did with Final Fantasy 15, it offers more hope that KH3 will indeed be at the show.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Concept Art

That being said, there’s been conflicting information about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the rate at which development is progressing. The game’s director said that the next major update wouldn’t come until November, but a voice actor for the game on Twitter leaked that the game was due for release within 2015. This latter claim was denied by Square Enix, but could’ve possibly been damage control to reserve the integrity of an E3-sized surprise release date announcement.

With Square Enix’s time and date for E3 now set, E3 2015 has completely taken shape. Gamers everywhere should mark their calendars and make sure that they don’t miss any conferences relevant to them, whether that’s Square Enix, the E3 debut of Bethesda, or any of the big three.

The Square Enix E3 2015 press conference will now take place on June 16th at 10am PDT, an hour later than previously reported.

Source: GameSpot