Square Enix's New RPG: Knights Of The Crystals

Knights of the Crystals

Square Enix is releasing a new Final Fantasy-like RPG, Knights of the Crystals, on the mobile GREE  platform.

GREE is both a social networking service and a free casual gaming platform, and is one of the largest social networks in Japan. Seven million registered users use GREE Mobile to play free games and connect with friends. Square Enix's new original RPG gives major support to the platform.

In Knights of the Crystals, you are on a mission to collect treasure through questing and building your character's money and experience. It will be playable with other gamers and is free to download and play. The game does include item transactions that will help Square Enix recoup costs.

Some things that can be found in the Final Fantasy franchise will be seen in Knights of the Crystals. For instance, a job change system will provide special abilities for your character. Ryoma Ito, of Final Fantasy Tactics fame, is the character designer.

With Square Enix putting legitimate time and effort into this title, players may prove to be highly receptive to the game. Knights of the Crystals will almost certainly be very popular in Japan amongst those on the GREE Mobile platform.

The trend of using social networks as gaming platforms has increased over the years, and the games are becoming more and more sophisticated. Facebook, for example, has become a gaming platform in its own right, with millions of users logging on to play.

Also, mobile gaming has seen a similar growth, with the quality and depth of iPhone games rivaling that of some console games. Casual gamers are being given more options that ever to get their gaming fix satisfied in the most accessible way possible.

Ranters, are you on board with social network gaming? Would you be interested in Knights of the Crystals if it came to your mobile device?

Knights of the Crystals is available on the GREE mobile network now.

Source: Andriasang

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