First Image Unveiled for Square Enix's New RPG

Square Enix Reveals First Image From New IP

A new piece of art has surfaced online that is connected with a new RPG from prolific developer Square Enix. The image itself doesn't necessarily give anything away, but it does have enough detail for speculation to run rampant. What is most interesting about the art isn’t just its look but the fact that it’s for a completely new IP, one that is supposedly meant for western audiences.

As you’ll see in the image below, the game clearly shares some design similarities with Square Enix’s other properties like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but, at the same time feels fresh and new. There’s a guy with a sword — a common trope in a Square Enix RPG, or any RPG for that matter — a mysterious castle, and an owl.

I’m guessing that the protagonist, who resembles John Marston from behind, is meant to bridge the gap between Western audiences and this very Japanese genre, but I’m still not seeing it just yet. Whether or not the western look of the protagonist will play into the story or combat is unclear, but based on this first image, I'm intrigued.

First Image Square Enix New RPG

As of right now Square Enix is hard at work on the project, and is looking to expand the development team (as indicated by a job posting online). These new and current employees will be working under the direction of Ryutaro Ichimura, the man responsible for a handful of Dragon Quest titles, including the fantastic Dragon Quest IX.

Most of the information that surrounds this game, including its Western inclination, came by way of Famitsu, who is believed to have an exclusive reveal slated for their forthcoming magazine. If the rumor is true, then we should know quite a bit more about this Square Enix RPG -- including who is the man with the owl and the sword and what’s the deal with that castle -- later this month.

Are you intrigued by this first image from this new Square Enix RPG? Based on the few details contained within it, what do you think the game might be about?

Source: Square Enix (via Kotaku)


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