Square Enix’s New Game Teased Via Alternate Reality Twitch Stream

By | 2 years ago 

Twitch isn’t just for eSports and playing Pokemon anymore. The extremely popular streaming site is now being used as an incredibly unique and interactive advertising tool by some of the largest video game publishers in the world.

Square Enix, for example, is using Twitch to tease a big reveal for an upcoming game, as announced on their Twitter account a few days ago. They have started a three day ARG, or “alternate-reality game,” on Twitch that has been given the vague title Can’t Kill Progress.

The stream itself (currently running on a loop until the next event later tonight) features a man alone in a room, being viewed through the lenses of security cameras. Two other men enter the room and ask whether their prisoner likes folk music or classical music. After the Twitch users vote, the result is the man winds up lying in the middle of the floor.

Currently, this is all the stream has to offer. However, later today at 6:00PM Eastern/3:00PM Pacific, a second event will occur, featuring new footage. This event will then be followed by a third event tonight at 11:00PM Eastern/8:00PM Pacific.

Tomorrow will offer three more events. They will occur at 6:00 Eastern/3:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern/8:00 Pacific, and 1:00AM Eastern/10:00PM Pacific, respectively. The Can’t Kill Progress ARG from Square Enix will conclude on the third day with a single event to take place at 11:30AM Eastern/8:30AM Pacific.

Watch live video from CantKillProgress on www.twitch.tv

These event times are posted on the stream’s page, below the video. This section also features an Instagram account that hosts a replay of what occurred in Can’t Kill Progress during the previous events, as well as a short, heavily pixelated video of what appears to be a figure wearing a yellow hood. Strangely enough, the yellow hood video can also be accessed on a separate, second Instagram account that can be accessed by clicking the link labeled File_01 on the stream page.

These cryptic Instagram accounts for Can’t Kill Progress have been created by one of Square Enix’s Western studios. Unfortunately, it has not been said exactly which one of their Western studios is behind the ambitious project, however, the leading rumor is that the studio in question is actually Eidos Montreal.

This makes the most sense, as it has been known that Eidos Montreal is working on the mysterious Deus Ex Universe for well over a year ever since they released the first concept art for the next-gen game. Furthermore, science-fiction vibes from the Can’t Kill Progress stream are heavily reminiscent of the franchise.

Speculation also points to the possibility of a new Sleeping Dogs or Hitman game, although it is also possible that Square is poised to reveal a brand new IP. A unique teaser campaign such as this is certainly a smart way to do so, as it creates a large amount of interest quickly. Either way, it appears the tactic is working, as the Twitch stream has already garnered 342,421 total views at the time of this writing.

Square’s ARG event Can’t Kill Progress began today, on April 6th, and will run until Wednesday, April 8th. At that point, whatever is being teased, whether it is a new Deus Ex game or something completely unexpected, will finally be revealed.

Source: Twitch