Square Enix Rumors: What Are Project X and Nerkas?

In our latest Midnight Rant, we discussed the fun of receiving news via Twitter. Sometimes it's a teaser, others times it can be false. However, there is no denying it's an effective method of communication. Even big developers like Square Enix like to toy with us.

Square Enix producer David Hoffman has been using his Twitter to tease us with a game called "Project X." The only real info given is that it's an RPG, and he thinks it will be great. Here are a number of tweets he has sent out about the project:

- "Unannounced project looking kick ass. I pray the mktg and PR will give it the attn it deserves when the time is right."- "Is knee deep in review for project X. When revealed it will blow your socks off! The media thought SE and GPG was interesting - just wait!"

- "New milestone just rolled in on project X! Can't wait to reveal the latest and greatest RPG to come outta Square Enix."

- "Spent the whole day with the team from Project X! The team is fantastic. I think Im driving them a bit nuts with my attn to detail though!"

- "Looks like we will be announcing Project X very soon! Fingers crossed for next week! Won't you miss the suspense?"

- "The PR announcement is finished for Project X. Can't wait to get it out and watch the media do a double take!"

So what could this Project X be?

Perhaps it's Dissidia 2! Orignially a 3D fighting game for Playstation Portable, Dissidia contained all of the Final Fantasy favorites like Cloud and Sephiroth. Needless to say, it was a hit. Not sure how well that qualifies as a RPG though.

Or maybe it could be the rumored Chrono Break? The idea was trademarked in 2001 as a sequel to Chrono Trigger. Since then, several members left Square Enix. It felt like the game would never come. I can still dream though, as it's one of my favorite games deserving a remake or a sequel.

It could also be the obvious. We all know that Square Enix is notorious for never-ending sequels. It's quite possible to be another Crystal Chronicles or Dragon Quest.

What do you think it is? Something completely new? Do you think Square Enix is going to surprise us with a sequel for one of your favorite games?

On the topic of Square Enix rumors, a video has surfaced of what is possible a pre-E3 leak. Plenty of people on YouTube have done some snooping at the Staples convention center where E3 is taking place.

On the huge screen outside, a trailer for something called Nerkas played. After some research it was revealed that the web domain for Nerkas is registered under Square Enix's name. Bad sound and video quality aside, it looks intriguing.

Check out the recording here:


From what we see, it looks like a typical shooter game with lots of guns, explosions, and glowing people. There is also a headset that seems to allow mind control from everyday civilians. Sounds neat, but not exactly my cup of tea or what you would expect from Square Enix, though, and it doesn't appear to be any sort of RPG at first glance.

I'm hoping that Project X is something much more innovative, especially when being told it will be the "latest and greatest." Regardless, Nerkas is coming so expect some news on it in the future.

Does Nerkas grab your attention? What do you think Project X may be? Would you rather see something else from Square Enix at E3? Lots of speculation and questions here so share your thoughts!

Source: Connected Consoles, Destructoid

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