Square Enix Music Adds Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross Soundtracks

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Square Enix - and previously, Squaresoft - arguably produced and developed some of the best classic RPGs out there. Part of what has made those games so great is their fantastic soundtracks.

Legendary composers like Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda helped to create soundtracks for some of the most loved RPGs around, including games like Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger. Now, fans of the Chrono OSTs will have an easier time getting to listen to them.

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Square Enix music has officially unveiled that the original soundtracks for Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger have been digitally released on easy-to-access digital marketplaces for music. This includes Apple Music, Amazon Music, and music streaming service Spotify. Players who fell in love with these soundtracks years ago will now be able to easily stream them, or if they so choose, buy the tracks digitally on their preferred marketplaces.

This addition follows after nearly all of the main Final Fantasy soundtracks were added to streaming service Spotify. Players rejoiced at the time, as it was the first time some of these tracks were made widely available digitally, and now gamers could easily add them to their streaming playlists.

Square Enix seems to be committed to gradually bringing old game soundtracks to the music services over time. There are still a number of PlayStation-era classic RPG soundtracks that are missing from the service, like Vagrant Story and Xenogears. There's also a lack of older games from the SNES era and prior on the services right now with the exception of Final Fantasy. With any luck, fans of these games will see them added to digital music services, too.

It remains to be seen at this time whether or not Square Enix will be adding soundtracks for future games as they release. It would make sense to do so, as gamers could easily listen to and purchase tracks from new games that are catchy and caught in their heads. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, for example, would be a great choice for the services, as players will no doubt delight in remade versions of classic FF7 tracks.

Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger's OSTs can now be accessed on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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