Square Enix Reveals New JRPG Lost Sphear with Trailer

lost sphear reveal trailer

When Square Enix first announced the existence of Tokyo RPG Factory, a development studio owned by the company that was put together solely to focus on new JRPG titles, fans of the genre everywhere had no idea what to expect. The announcement came just after Square Enix had unveiled a totally revamped Final Fantasy 15, a game that, while exciting, made a dramatic number of changes to the typical JRPG formula fans had come to love. Luckily for traditionalists, however, Tokyo RPG Factory proved it was a studio looking to modernize the classic aesthetics of JRPGs when it released I Am Setsuna, a game praised as beautiful and heavily influenced by older Final Fantasy titles and Chrono Trigger.

Fresh off the success of I Am Setsuna, Square Enix announced earlier today that Tokyo RPG Factory is already hard at work on the development of its follow up JRPG. Tokyo RPG Factory's next game will be called Lost Sphear, and it will be available on both the PS4 and Switch. Here's the three minute long reveal trailer, which showcases a game that looks to borrow heavily from I Am Setsuna and will release at some point in early 2018:

Although the trailer doesn't reveal much in the way of story, a press release from Square Enix states that the game will follow a young boy named Kanata who awakens from a nightmare to find his entire hometown disappearing. Kanata will have to harness the power of Memory to rebuild the world around him even as it is vanishing, and he will collect a motley crew of allies in traditional JRPG fashion while doing so.

Beyond the game's story, however, the trailer also prominently displays the combat as it appears during development. According to Square Enix, Lost Sphear will feature an "enhanced gameplay system" that features a reworked ATB system alongside seamless environments and an increased number of locations to explore. The game also appears to feature the same piano-heavy approach to its music that made I Am Setsuna so striking.

Square Enix has already made the game available for preorder, and it's interesting to note that Lost Sphear will be appearing on the Switch just like I Am Setsuna eventually did once the console released. Those looking for more information can find the game's website here, but the most important takeaway from this is that Square Enix is still investing heavily in its new JRPG initiative, and it appears we'll be getting at least one more classically gorgeous title from Tokyo RPG Factory in the near future.

Lost Sphear is in development for PS4 and Switch, and will release sometime in early 2018.

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