After teasing an announcement yesterday, Square Enix reveals that a new installment of its arcade-based collectable card game Lord of Vermilion is in development.

Yesterday, Square Enix posted on its social media presence to warn fans of a “special announcement” coming today. Now, it seems to have been revealed that the game in question is Lord of Vermilion IV, the next entry in its popular series of collectable card games.

Square Enix announced the sequel this morning, when its official Japanese-language website went online, according to a report from Kotaku. The site confirms that fans will be able to see more at the Japanese Amusement Expo in February, when the game will make its official debut.

The Lord of Vermilion series is all about using a deck of cards to defeat an enemy’s troops and destroy their arcane stones. The first game hit arcades in 2008, a sequel followed in 2009, and the most recent mainline installment was released in 2013 — meaning gamers are right on track for the fourth entry to drop this year.

The card-based gameplay that the series hinges upon means that the first three installments haven’t been ported to home consoles. However, there has been action RPG spin-offs released for the PSP and PS Vita, like Lord of Arcana and Lord of Apocalypse.

lord of vermilion release date

It’s no secret that the arcade scene in the United States is nowhere near as healthy as its Japanese counterpart. Given that yesterday’s tease of an announcement was publicized by Square Enix’s North American social media accounts, there are questions to be asked about whether Lord of Vermilion IV will make its way stateside.

It’s possible that Square Enix is simply trying to raise the profile of the series outside of Japan, given that it’s very popular over there, and games like Hearthstone have demonstrated that there’s an audience for card battling. Alternatively, the studio might be preparing to release a console adaptation of the sequel that doesn’t rely on physical cards being used.

However, it’s also possible that Lord of Vermilion IV isn’t Square Enix’s big announcement for today. The company has a lot of projects in the works, and collaborates with an international array of development studios, so there’s a chance that two big reveals just happened to land on the same day.

Fans of the series will certainly be pleased to hear that a new Lord of Vermilion game is on the way. That being said, there are sure to be many fans holding out hope that Square Enix’s announcement relates to another one of its franchises.

Lord of Vermilion IV is expected to be released in 2017.

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