Square Enix Releases Two Facebook Games Including 'Chocobo's Crystal Tower'

Square Enix Facebook game Chocobo Crystal Towers

Tired of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and all the other Facebook games clogging up the news feed? Well, here come two more games that can potentially annoy Facebook users and suck time away. The difference is these are being made by Square Enix. The Japanese publishing giant has released two Facebook games, titled Knights of the Crystals and Chocobo’s Crystal Tower, for any user who wants them.

Knights of the Crystals is an RPG where gamers use action points to complete quests, earn experience points, and level up their characters. In Chocobo’s Crystal Tower, players have to raise, breed and take care of chocobos in order to earn money. That money can be used to customize the player's ranches and chocobos.

The success of these games could lead to more major game publishers taking on projects for the social gaming realm. Game Rant has looked at the trend of casual gaming in the past, but Square Enix's continued Facebook development could be quite significant. This is a change from developers simply creating a social add-on that ties into a major release. While some gamers choose to view this as a sign of the downfall of gaming, others are saying that it helps to expand the market (and in turn make the industry better as a whole).

What side do you come down on? Is casual gaming distracting major game developers and publishers from the bigger console projects that “really matter” Or does getting casual gamers involved with big publishers open them up to a world of games they wouldn't otherwise  play?

Both Knights of the Crystal and Chocobo’s Crystal Tower are available now on Facebook. You can download them here and here.

Source: Joystiq

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