Square Enix Registers Domain for 'Final Fantasy 13-3'

Final Fantasy 13-3 Domain Registered

When Square Enix (formerly just Square) announced that they would be releasing a sequel to the fairly popular Final Fantasy X, gamers were left scratching their heads. But, as it turns out, Final Fantasy X-2 was an interesting evolution for the RPG series.

Then, when Square Enix announced a sequel to the mostly panned Final Fantasy XIII it didn’t have that same feeling, it actually left many gamers feeling like this might be the one to miss. There are some claims that this game will reintroduce many of the features that were left out of FFXIII, but it still seems like a misstep.

Now comes word that Square Enix has registered a domain for Final Fantasy XIII-3, which has us not only scratching our heads, but also pretty frustrated with the direction this once amazing franchise is headed. Square has come out to say that the domain registration was merely a precautionary step in the US, meant to prevent anyone else from grabbing the domain, but something still seems fishy.

In fact, Square Enix Japan has no knowledge of this domain being registered, and were only made aware when a voice actor from XIII-2 asked for a role in its sequel.

The only concern is why Square would worry about a domain for a sequel they have no intention of developing? Unless the plan is to leave things open for a sequel to that sequel.

In my opinion, Final Fantasy, the franchise, has fallen from grace in such a way that Square needs to jump back to square (no pun intended) one. Final Fantasy XIII, while not a failure, was extremely disappointing, and was only superseded by the absolute collapse of Final Fantasy XIV.

What Square needs to do is seriously reevaluate their franchise, and consider what gamers today are looking for out of an RPG. I’m not saying for them to abandon their turn-based roots — the combat in FFXIII was actually one of its biggest accomplishments — but rather for Square to give the people what they want.

Even if Final Fantasy XIII-2 does turn out successful, would you be interested in a sequel to that sequel? Which of the Final Fantasy numbered entries would you like Square to draw on for inspiration?

Source: Andria Sang


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