The annual Tokyo Game Show started off today with an interesting keynote speech by none other than the President of Square Enix, Mr. Yoichi Wada. Unexpectedly though, he was not speaking as the President of the largest JRPG company. Instead, he was speaking as a chairman of the Computer Entertainment Software Association. And with his speech titled, “The Nature of The Industry Revolution of Games” it was clear that he was not here to tell anything about Final Fantasy XIII-2 or other upcoming games from his company.

Instead, Mr. Wada focused on the future of gaming and where he thinks it is going. His main focus was the “cloud,” a topic making lots of news lately with cloud saving coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers and OnLive growing with its cloud gaming service.

“If you could concentrate such processing power on the cloud, then there’s going to be a huge paradigm shift…I think the cloud is a real revolution.”

Mr. Wada stated that he believes the gaming world has already experienced the first in many changes to come. This first change he said was smartphones and other popular handheld devices like the Nintendo DS. As well, the ordinary PC that are common in households are driving the change in the way we play games. Not everyone owns a fancy gaming rig that can handle games like Crysis or Crysis 2. Most people have simple laptops or Macs (which don’t support as many popular titles as PCs) and that changes the types of games they play.

While Mr. Wada was certain about the “cloud” becoming the future for games and how we play them, he wasn’t exactly sure when this change would happen. In his keynote he gave a rather large time gap, considering how fast technology moves, between now and 2015. Until this change comes we will have to stick with our outdated discs and consoles I suppose.

Funny enough, just last week THQ stated cloud gaming could replace console discs.

Source: Joystiq