Rumor: Square Enix is Teasing Its Avengers Project on Twitter for an E3 Reveal

rumor square enix teasing avengers game project for e3 2019

We haven't seen much of The Avengers video game from Square Enix since its initial teaser trailer. However, it seems like the curtain may finally be pulled back on the game come E3 2019 in June, as some fans think Square Enix is now actively teasing it on Twitter.

Square Enix has started posting images to promote its E3 2019 presentation, which will take place on June 10 at 6pm PT. The images have paintings on either side with colors that match with the colors of the Infinity Stones from the comics and movies. This has led to speculation that Square Enix is using the images to tease The Avengers video game for E3 2019.

It's possible that fans are looking a little too much into this, but if Square Enix does bring The Avengers to E3 2019, it could make for one of the company's biggest E3 presentations to date. After all, not only is Square Enix rumored to be bringing The Avengers to E3 2019, but it's also expected to showcase Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the show as well.

Meanwhile, some recent developments make it a little easier to believe that The Avengers video game could be at E3, besides these potential teases by Square Enix. The first piece of evidence comes from a fiscal report that leaves the door open for The Avengers game to release in early 2020. If the game is going to be out within a year, then an E3 2019 reveal seems very likely.

Another reason why The Avengers video game may very well be at E3 2019 is that substantial details on the project have leaked, namely in regards to its combat system. According to the leaks, The Avengers will be a cover-based shooter of some kind, and sometimes leaks can be an indication that a project is finally nearing the end of its development cycle.

It's also worth pointing out that Crystal Dynamics hasn't put out a game since 2015's Rise of the Tomb Raider. Five years of development is on the high-end of video game development time, so it stands to reason that, assuming there hasn't been major setbacks, the studio could be wrapping things up with The Avengers.

With E3 2019 just a few weeks away, fans don't have to wait too much longer to find out if Square Enix is truly teasing its Avengers project or not.

The Avengers is in development for unspecified platforms.

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