Were you just thinking that Xbox Live does not have enough available options to get a hold of your money?  Well, the upcoming Spring 360 update may help you with that problem. The latest 360 update will provide support for the  new XGD3 game disc format and the only update you’ll be able to visibly notice, the payment option of paypal.

According to Microsoft, the new PayPal option will help extend “to new international markets.” Starting May 19th-30th and, in order “to ensure a high quality deployment,” Microsoft will start rolling out the updates in six separate waves. While not apart of the official update, Xbox will also be launching Avatar Kinect as a separate download.

If you’re one of the people that don’t really care for trying to guess or understand the sketchy MS point conversion, having to buy prepaid MS point cards from retailers, or hate the renewal fee automatically being deducted from your credit card (like me), this comes as a welcome and much needed alternative.

Although not something games will notice and not something that will not take place until later this year, the new Xbox 360 disc format compatibility will help out. The new format will allow game disc to hold up to 15% more data and will hopefully cut down on disc clutter for 360 games such as Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII that both require multiple separate discs.

What about those who own a 360, but don’t connect to Xbox Live? Yes, they still exist. Will they be out of luck when the new disc format finally does start to roll-out or will there be an alternative (and convenient) option for them to receive the update?

Obviously with PlayStation Network still being down, if you’re a PSN user you don’t have to worry about all of this online nonsense.

Source: Joystiq