Everday Shooter hardly needs an introduction, but on the off chance you know nothing about it, imagine an art-damaged techno-psychedelic version of Geometry Wars with a low-fi indie-rock soundtrack that responds to your actions, and you’re pretty much there.  At $4.99 (regularly $9.99), this game needs to be on your PS3’s hard drive.

Everyday ShooterEveryday Shooter

Gravity Crash hit PSN at just about the same time as Pixel Junk Shooter.  The two games share some gameplay elements, but Gravity Crash has a stark, glowing vector graphics aesthetic that looks super sharp.  At the time of release, I was full steam ahead on Pixel Junk Shooter, but now, at the wallet-friendly price of $4.99 (regularly $9.99), I think I’m ready to give Gravity Crash a full run through.

Gravity CrashGravity Crash

Spring Fever 2010 also has a kind of meta-game for the PlayStation Home crowd this year.  Every week, purchasing Spring Fever content nabs you a voucher to download one piece of a five part costume for your Home Avatar.  Did I mention that the costumes in question are a Bee Suit for the guys, and a Flower outfit for the gals?

Bee SuitFlower Outfit

New items are due to receive the sale treatment each week, so be sure to check back.  What PSN content would you like to see added to the Spring Fever Sale?

Source: PlayStation Blog