'Split/Second' Shifts Into High Gear With Three New DLC Packs

Split Second DLC

Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studio are shifting things into high gear with not one, not two, but three new DLC packs for Split/Second. The first of the three, Survival at the Rock is available for download right now on PSN and Xbox Live for $4.99 and 400 MS points respectively, so go get it!

Wait. Hold that thought. Let me tell you what is in the new DLC and show you the trailer of it in action before you pull out the credit card. In the Survival at the Rock DLC you'll get a new track called the Mine Pit and a new game mode, Survival Race. Survival Race is basically the original Survival mode, but instead racing against the clock past dummy cars and avoiding exploding barrels, you'll be racing laps with AI opponents.

The 18-wheelers dispensing exploding barrels are still present, though this time around you'll get to nudge racers into their path. Check the video below to see the new track and game mode.


Survival Race is a mode I wish was in the original game instead of the Detonator mode. For those of you who don't remember or haven't played the game, Detonator is a mode where you're just racing around the track to beat the clock. That's it. With a game that's centered around creating the biggest explosions possible, you would think something as boring as a time trial would've been left out.

If your stay at the Rock and the previous three DLC packs aren't enough, Black Rock Studio has two more pieces of DLC coming down pipe. On October 19, the Deadline Pack will launch for 4.99 and 400 MS points. This will add 4 new vehicles to the already growing list and new mode called Deadline. The new cars are: Ryback Javelin, Ryback Coyote Special, Cobretti Centaur, and Hanzo Kanobo. In Deadline players will race against the clock, but will have the ability to freeze time with items on the track.

On November 2, the Quarry Onslaught pack will be available for 9.99 and 800 MS points. This will unveil a new track called Quarry and the Onslaught game mode, which has racers dodging missiles from a circling helicopter. The Quarry Onslaught pack is a bit more pricey than the others, probably because the new mode is available for both single and multiplayer, and is compatible with some of the game's existing tracks.

If you haven't picked up Split/Second then now is the time, and if you're still not convinced then check out our review.

Which of these new DLC packs interests you? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Joystiq

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